Change your fitness and nutrition habits for life with my 21 day online fat loss programme!

Looking for a quick boost to your fitness? Want to drop a few pounds or lose a few inches, but dona��t fancy hitting the gym? Need help from a Personal Trainer but dona��t have the time or budget to book a block of sessions? Cana��t get to the gym but youa��re bursting to get fit? Want to change bad eating habits but dona��t know how?

Zestfit21 is my 21 day online fat loss programme, designed to get you feeling healthier and more energised. Ita��s a convenient, easy-to-follow and effective way to Learn & Burn. Youa��ll see a big change to how you look and feel, but ita��s also the first step towards sustainable long-term improvement in your fitness and nutrition.

Ita��s all online, so you can work at your own pace, following our tailored recipes and video exercises.

For a one-off fee of A?39 you get all of this over 21 days:

 Welcome pack with essential tips on how to get the best from your exercise and eating   High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts on video for simple, fast-burning exercise   Food plans, recipes and shopping lists   Personal advice and support from Kat   Private Facebook group for members, so you can share tips and motivation with others 

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Ia��m a big believer that nobody can do it alone. Thata��s why Ia��m always available online to answer your questions, give advice and help motivate you. Ita��s like having a Personal Trainer in your life for three weeks. Click here to find out more about why I set up ZestFit.

And the private Facebook group for members is a brilliant community where you share your progress with others taking the programme.

Dona��t take my word for it. Read what Zesties have said after taking the 21 Day Online Fat Loss Programme.

Being part of a group with a personal trainer there for guidance was a great contributing factor to the success I have had on the 21 day fat loss programme.

Kat’s updates and support from other members of the group meant that I have stayed focused. It has been so easy to change eating habits and I haven’t gone hungry. I really wanted a change and to feel good in my own skin but never quite found the right way to go about it…until now.

Clean eating has given me so much more energy. Like many other people, I work long hours so naturally I feel exhausted but it is a different kind of exhausted.

Having a choice on whether to do HIITs or classes has been great. Kat’s videos are so easy to follow and you can take high or low options. I was so encouraged I have been to lots of classes too! I didn’t expect to actual enjoy going to insanity or total tone! Never in a million years did I think I would be smashing out reps of exercises until my eyesight were blurred with sweat!

Just completed the March/ April 21 day challenge and I can’t recommend it enough. Lots of support from Kat and Danni. The food is gorgeous, the exercise is a challenge but suits all levels. I’ve lost inches, gained a healthy respect for HIITS so much so I’m signing up for the May one.

I started attending Zestfit classes last October to complement my running and to improve my general fitness. After the stress of my daughter being very ill when born, plus two years of sleep deprivation, I was feeling a bit broken and struggling to shift the baby weight. I signed up to the May 21 day fat loss programme and was amazed at the results after just 3 weeks. I stuck with the food adjustments after the programme had finished and kept up the exercise allowing myself the odd treat. I’ve just completed the July programme and again had brilliant results, I’ve lost a stone since May and 9″ body fat and am feeling pretty awesome. This programme works and I’m so glad I took the plunge, I recommend it to everyone who asks how I’ve lost the weight. Thanks so much Kat and Dannie xxx