PT & Fitness testimonials from our satisfied Zesties

We know that a great recommendation can make all the difference in helping you to decide on the best class or programme for you. So don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have to say about us.

Studio Classes

“I got married abroad this year and thanks to Kat I felt fantastic in my dress.

I wanted to get my body into shape but struggled with two children, working and fitting everything in.

I had tried all the diets, from Cabbage Soup, Slimfast to Weight Watchers but could never find anything that really worked for me. I discovered Kat’s ‘Bonkers’ classes Total Tone, Insanity and HIT, absolutely loved them. My children came along to the sessions sometimes and joined in, so I didn’t miss out on my classes.

The sessions are never the same Kat is very motivating. I’ve always enjoyed exercising but I found these classes suited me better, more fun I just needed to work out what I needed to eat. I decided to sign up to 10 weeks of Personal Training with Kat, it was brilliant I completely changed my food and my body shape; we all eat better as a family. No weighing and No points just eating healthy with no fuss, the recipes are easy and tasty.

For the last blast before my wedding I signed up to ‘Summer Shred’, just what I needed to get me in my dress. Sunday morning classes were hard core but a good challenge. I’m really happy with my figure I lost a total of 19”!!!!

For the first time since having children I wore a Bikini in public on holiday, it is official I am.. ”
‘Strong not Skinny’. Hoorah!!!


21 Day Online Fat Loss Programme

Being part of a group with a personal trainer there for guidance was a great contributing factor to the success I have had on the 21 day fat loss programme.

Kat’s updates and support from other members of the group meant that I have stayed focused. It has been so easy to change eating habits and I haven’t gone hungry. I really wanted a change and to feel good in my own skin but never quite found the right way to go about it…until now.

Clean eating has given me so much more energy. Like many other people, I work long hours so naturally I feel exhausted but it is a different kind of exhausted.

Having a choice on whether to do HIITs or classes has been great. Kat’s videos are so easy to follow and you can take high or low options. I was so encouraged I have been to lots of classes too! I didn’t expect to actual enjoy going to insanity or total tone! Never in a million years did I think I would be smashing out reps of exercises until my eyesight were blurred with sweat! Sophie, June’s 21 Day Fat Loss participant

Bootcamp Bikini Shred

I started Zestfit’s bikini shred program on April 7th and have followed her food plan combined with insanity and total tone classes two or three times a week. My objective was to feel healthy, tone up my body and eat better quality meals rather than to lose weight or inches. I have just come back from an amazing holiday with my best friends for our 40th birthdays and I have never felt more confident in my bikini. Thank you so much to Kathryn for inspiring and motivating me every class and on your social pages! #strongnotskinny

Personal Training

Working abroad and living alone had made me fall into a bad pattern of convenience ordering, weekends away full of alcohol and not much movement, which naturally lead to a point where I felt unhappy with my overweight physique at an age I thought I should be rocking my best.

I started attending exercise classes abroad in February and over the 4 months to June, increased my cardio fitness, lost some weight and got a bit more toned. I was worried about coming home for the summer and undoing all my hard work whilst catching up with friends and family, luckily for me, Dannie is my good friend and coming to the classes at Zestfit seemed the natural fit.

Like all girls who let themselves get a little too comfortable, I was worried about being in a room full of women ‘who would all be fitter than me’, ‘thinner than me’, ‘stronger than me’ and judge me. As soon as I met Kat and began my first total tone class, those feelings began to fade away. I realised I could make it my own workout, push myself where I could and pace myself where I needed to. The fact that I was in a party surrounding meant I felt like nobody could see me anyway, so I dared to give movements I didn’t think I would be able to go. I now do those movements all the time and enjoy them after just 6 weeks of being in the class.

Every class has a different twist but the familiarity of the set ups makes you easily transit through each one, the encouraging words of Kat and Dannie keep you going for longer than you think you can and the way my body has transitioned in such a short space of time is amazing.

Doing 5 days of classes a week and 2 PT sessions with Dannie, I have lost nearly 11 inches all over at the 4.5 week point. I’m back into size 10 jeans after about 8 years and I feel the best I’ve felt in ages. I’m still curvy but not as euphemism for over weight but as someone who is strong, toned and happy in their body shape! I just wish I could bring Kat and Dannie to Dubai with me.