Kathryn Williams


About Kathryn Williams. Founder & Director of Zestfit

“I literally qualified at 18 years old with my initial teaching qualification and started to teach Aerobics & Step at a local Women’s Institute hall. It was really just for some pocket money while I still worked at Boots full time deciding whether I should go to Uni or not.

My classes grew and I started to just love teaching people and inspiring girls & mums to get fit, I eventually landed a full time job at Fitness First which was due to open and soon became the talk of the town, this was in 1997!

It was here I developed a passion & love for fitness; I was lucky to travel the world with Fitness First, working in Hong Kong, Singapore, Asia and Australia. My career spread over 16 years and I became a successful National Fitness Manager, National Sales Manager & Master Trainer but still managed to keep to my grass roots love of teaching and Personal training while overseeing clubs and Managers. I became a Master Trainer within Group Exercise and taught classes all over the world!

Eventually I came home and needed some time out with family, within months I met my husband to be and very quickly we wanted to start our own family after getting married.

After two beautiful children and being a lucky stay at home mum, I was beginning to get itchy feet, I knew going back into the Fitness Industry with a major commercial role was going to be extremely challenging with two young children and the thought of childcare wasn’t something I was keen on, especially since my memories are always having my mum at home when I was young.

I took the huge and daunting step to start my own business, using my experience and my first love in teaching & Personal Training. It seems so strange that I have gone back full circle to what I was doing at 18/19yrs of age but it just seems so natural to me.

Zestfit was born in 2009 and my feet literally haven’t touched the ground. I work around the children, I do all school runs and drop offs and ensure I am always around as much as I can at the weekends. The flexibility I have is the best, nothing like I would get at a global brand.

It takes courage and conviction to believe in yourself and go ahead and do it – but I’m lucky I have the support around me to push my dream on. I won’t look back because I’m always looking forward to a brighter, better future. Being a mummy and a successful businesswoman.”

Dannie Alldread

Dannie Alldread

ZESTFIT COACH Dannie Alldread

“From a very early age I have always been ambitious enthusiastic and outgoing with fitness and sport participating in all sorts of activity including swimming, running, athletics, cross country and tae-kwon-do.

From the age of 7 through to 15 I was totally dedicated to Athletics and was part of the Amber Valley Athletics and Derbyshire Athletics Squads, competing nationally across the UK in Athletic and Cross Country competitions, as well as representing Derbyshire and English Schools. My talent for running and athletics saw me winning numerous titles, winning the Derbyshire Cross Country Championships 3 years in a row and representing my home county of Derbyshire in Athletics for 4 years.

I loved my running and competing but I knew this was not my career path. I had a love and passion for music and dance and after joining a new dance school that had opened in my home town of Belper, I hung up my running spikes and put on my ballet shoes. I started training every day in ballet, tap, modern and acrobatics, participating in dance events, festivals and competitions throughout the UK – I soon gained a high level of grades and competence and was now focussed on achieving my dream to be a professional dancer. Being a top student at the Vanessa Millar School of Dance in Belper we even made a TV appearance on Britains Got Talent!.

So now it was time to leave school after completing my A levels at 6th form. I was hungry and excited to get started as a dancer and very quickly I landed my first professional dance role, I was thrilled! From then on my feet have never touched the ground. I have been so lucky and feel blessed at the opportunities and experiences dance has provided to me, having worked as a professional dancer for the past 8 years, in various roles including the odd music video and shows touring the UK. During the last 6 years I have been working on board luxury cruise liners for Headliners Dance Company, P&O cruises and as Dance Captain/ Cast Manager for Princess cruises. As Dance Captain/Cast Manager I gained invaluable business experience, having to manage, plan and deliver all the shows and passenger entertainment events. Working on board these beautiful ships has given me the opportunity to travel the world, wear feathers, fake eyelashes, red lipstick and glitter everyday… And best of all I got paid for doing what I loved.
After coming home at the beginning of 2016 after my 6th contract at sea, I was ready to spend time with my family.. try something new… have a new venture… then I met Kat and this is where my journey with Zestfit began. I have always had a strong passion, ability and understanding of fitness and health as it has been a major factor in my whole career as a dancer. As soon as I spoke with Kat it just clicked.. I instantly knew that I wanted to be part of the future with Kat and Zestfit, I just had that feeling it would be something awesome to get involved in and when the opportunity came I grabbed it quicker than you can say SQUAT! So with dancing heels hung up, fishnet tights away, a fresh new wardrobe of Nike trainers and funky Lycra leggings I began training with Kat. I got myself back into some hard study and gained my qualifications and am now so proud to be part of the Zestfit team.

I can honestly say I have never looked back or been more happier. It has been a crazy exciting rollercoaster journey so far and I absolutely love it! It is an honour to be working with Kat, she is just the best mentor and such an inspiration in Womens Health..

Being part of Zestfit and the Zestie community has literally changed my life. I love helping people and making people feel awesome! I am so excited for my future with Zestfit, we have so many great ideas and plans. I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities and will keep striving and progressing to better myself and my clients. ”

See you all in class